Learning Styles

Different learning styles are widely used across the world in schools, in coaching settings and is the cornerstone of many lesson delivery methods. We have all found out somewhere on the way that we are either a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner and that we would do best by sticking to these methods. But how […]

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Non Linear Pedagogy

Introduction Pedagogy is “the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept” (Oxforddictionaries.com, 2016). There are two main types of pedagogy in coaching, these are linear and non linear. In this blog post I will talk through what linear and non linear pedagogy is before analysing the best ways to […]

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When I last changed my Mind

When I last changed my Mind After reading this article http://scottberkun.com/2014/when-did-you-last-change-your-mind/ I have come to realise that I have spent my whole life being right and then wrong and changing my mind or having it changed for me. The only negative of this process is that I have pushed against it and stuck with what I thought […]

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Motivation Blog

As athletes and/coaches we will all have experienced the lack of will to train weather that’s getting out In the rain to jog for hours on end or getting someone in your sessions to push them selves Motivation can be split into two main forms; one intrinsic and one extrinsic. Both can help a sports […]

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Creativity in Sport

Creativity in sport separates the good from the great. Other factors like work ethic and somatotype come into play too. However what seems to make good players great, especially in team sports, is creativity. We can see this in any sports where athletes stand out for example Nino Schurter is thought to be the best […]

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